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Author Archives: Jeff Evans

Parallel Forms: What They Can Do For You

Posted on by Jeff Evans

Do you ever wonder about test forms when you pick up a test? Why does it matter if a test has two (or … Continue Reading

Testing 101

Posted on by Jeff Evans

This month’s Clinical Café is a “back to the basics” discussion of common and often-discussed test types as well as the important concepts … Continue Reading

A Table Is Worth…

Posted on by Jeff Evans

Being seated at a good table in a cafe is important to some people. To them, the ambiance is an important part of … Continue Reading

Pragmatic Skills and Stuttering: Are They Related?

Posted on by Kathy Swiney, MA, CCC/SLP, BRS-FD, ASHA Fluency Specialist

A perspective from author Kathy Swiney, MA, CCC/SLP, BRS-FD, ASHA Fluency Specialist

Having a special interest in stuttering, I see a number of … Continue Reading

Response To Intervention Includes Observation, Screening, AND TestingRTI, IDEA,

Posted on by Pat Van Slyke

Clinical Café By Pat Van Slyke, PhD, CCC, SLP

The reauthorization of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in 2004 has radically changed … Continue Reading

Learning Disabilities (LD), Testing and RTI

Posted on by Jeff Evans

This month, Clinical Café offers a look at learning disability (LD) and the response-to-intervention (RTI) model from a school psychologist and researcher’s perspective. … Continue Reading

The Bridge of Vocabulary Addresses the Need for Evidence-Based Vocabulary Intervention

Posted on by Judy Montgomery, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Link to The Bridge of Vocabulary product page

The color purple. What does it mean? Combined with red, it can mean adventure, excitement, … Continue Reading

A Message from Our ASHA 2006 Annual Convention Scholarship Recipient

Posted on by Marie Howard, CCC-SLP

Another successful professional conference. Kudos to all convention/conference personnel who work so diligently to provide workshops, sessions, exhibits and accommodations that make our … Continue Reading

How to Measure Expressive Vocabulary in 20 Minutes or Less

Posted on by Dr. Kathleen Williams

Ask author Dr. Kathleen Williams to name one of her main goals in developing the Expressive Vocabulary Test, Second Edition (EVT-2) and she’ll … Continue Reading

The Validities

Posted on by Sarah Sweeney James

Clinical Café By Sarah Sweeney James, MS, CCC-SLP

The report flew off of the printer just minutes before the family arrived. As the … Continue Reading