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CELF®-5: New Ways to Assess Pragmatics and New Digital Kit Option

New Ways to Assess Pragmatics

Unlike many other assessments of pragmatic language skills, the CELF®-5 Pragmatics tests are observation- and interaction-based tools that enable you to examine the student’s behaviors during everyday activities. The Pragmatics tests include one norm-referenced measure (the Pragmatics Profile, now with scaled scores by age) and one norm-based criterion score measure (the new Pragmatics Activities Checklist). The Pragmatics Profile is completed by parents or teachers to rate the student’s verbal and nonverbal social communication skills. If you determine that the student needs intervention, you will want to engage the student in the activities listed in the Pragmatics Activities Checklist. The activities can be presented as “breaks” during CELF-5 testing (or can be done anytime after testing is completed.) After the student leaves the room, you can review the list of common atypical social communication behaviors and identify those you observed during the activities.

New Digital Kit Option

For the first time, Pearson is offering both print and digital kit options. For both, you would continue to use paper record forms to record a student’s responses. The digital kit option includes a flash drive that you insert into the USB port in your desktop or laptop. The flash drive includes a digital version of all the manuals: Examiner’s Manual, Technical Manual, and the test stimuli from the two print Stimulus Books. You can print selected pages of the Administration Directions (if needed) before testing. You can search for specific information, highlight text, and bookmark sections you use frequently (e.g. Formulated Sentences scoring, norms tables). During testing, you can show the visual stimuli to the student on the screen of your desktop or laptop.

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