Lighter Side

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Cynthia Tveit – Silverdale, WA

Two students with articulation disorders were trying to tell me about a way-cool new video game. The two of them kept talking about something coming from a poodle.

“A poodle?” I asked.
“No… a POODLE… fwom space!”
“A poodle from space? A dog poodle? From space?” I repeated.
They looked from one another back to me, frowning.
Clearly, I was not getting it.
They tried again. “A poodle. Like…, it twanspotes you fwom da sky to oaf.”
“Oooohhhhhh!” I said as recognition finally dawned on me. “I get it! A PORTAL! A space portal!”
Yep. I finally got it. Space Poodle! What was I thinking?