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Q-global and Q-interactive
New Digital Solutions!

New! Innovative ways that enable you to administer and score assessments digitally. Learn more

CELF-5 Products
The New CELF-5 Family!

The new CELF-5 is a comprehensive battery of tests that provides you with a streamlined, flexible approach to language assessment. Learn more


The CELF-5 Screening Test helps you to quickly determine if your students ages 5-21 need further assessment to identify a language disorder. Learn more


Revision of the Test of Language Competence- Expanded. Test higher level language skills of students 9–21. Learn more


Introducing the Growing Family of PLS-5 Assessments

Author(s): Irla Lee Zimmerman, PhD, Violette G. Steiner, BS & Roberta Evatt Pond, MA

PLS-5 English, PLS-5 Spanish, and Screening Tests are Now Available!

PLS-5 Spanish
PLS™-5 Spanish streamlines the process of assessing language skills in children who speak both Spanish and English, yielding dual language scores that reflect abilities across both languages.

PLS-5 Screening Tests
New English and Spanish editions of the PLS-5 Screening Test help you to identify young children at risk for a language disorder in just 5 to 10 minutes.

PPVT™-4 (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fourth Edition)

The PPVT-4 test offers many enhancements to a vocabulary assessment that has been well respected for 50 years. This latest edition has been co-normed with the Expressive Vocabulary Test, Second Edition (EVT™-2), allowing you to make direct comparisons between receptive and expressive vocabulary performance.

Administration: Test Easel, Paper and pencil
Completion Time: 10-15 Minutes
Ages / Grades: 2:6 – 90+Years

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GFTA™-2 (Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation, Second Edition)

Author(s): Ronald Goldman, PhD & Macalyne Fristoe, PhD

The GFTA-2 is a quick reliable way to assess an examinee’s articulation ability. The test helps you compare individual performance to national, gender-differentiated norms. The KLPA-2 (Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis) works with the Goldman-Fristoe 2 to give you a more comprehensive diagnosis of both articulation and use of phonological processes.

Administration: Test Easel, Paper and pencil
Completion Time: 5-15 minutes for Sounds-in-Words Section, varied for other two sections
Ages / Grades: 2:0 – 21:11

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